Gamification is often misunderstood – it’s often nothing to do with playing games. Instead, it’s about replicating game-based thinking and mechanics to non-game applications – to achieve lasting behaviour change and knowledge retention.

We’re pleased to offer a unique Learning Experience Platform (Tack TMI Coach) that offers both Gamification and Social Learning, while providing the following benefits:

  1. A better learning experience – Learning is more enjoyable when you can track your progress (through points and badges) or you achieve a personal best – and you’re rewarded for it.
  2. Self-paced, on the move – Accessed through a Web App or native mobile application, so learning can take place wherever you are.
  3. Action-based behavioural change – Missions focus you on applying your learning today and building meaningful habits over time.
  4. Access feedback whenever you need – Need help or support? Access peer support or 1:1 coaching on-demand.
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