Off-the-shelf content

Tack TMI are pleased to offer an ever-growing collection of digital content to use in blended learning journeys, or to deliver digital learning at the point of need.

Skill Pills

Designed to sustain learning in 8-15 minute bite-sized digital learning modules.

  • Each module has a set of resources that are self-directed including surveys with immediate feedback
  • Designed so learners connect concepts and their real world business problems

Tack TMI solutions include:

  • Sales Effectiveness
  • Personal Effectiveness


Provide Managers with a safe environment in which they can practice different communication strategies through realistic scenarios. The decisions each learner makes dictates the path of the simulation and the overall result

Tack TMI solutions include:

  • Leadership & Management Development

Videos and Animations

Designed to convey critical learnings in 5 minutes or less, while maximising knowledge retention.

Tack TMI solutions include:

  • Sales Effectiveness
  • Safety Culture
  • Leadership & Management Development

We typically license collections of digital assets on a per user basis or Enterprise-wide.

Looking for something custom-built instead? We can help – contact us for more details.

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