Virtual Instructor-led Training (VILT)

Using our learning journey methodology as a base, our VILT sessions stick to a set of bite-sized principle; creating energy, motivation and commitment to change. We keep learners engaged in a number of ways:

  1. Select the most salient and impactful learning points only: no cramming a day’s worth of content into 2 hours
  2. Keep concepts and frameworks simple and memorable
  3. Link the topic to a learner’s own context; share stories and relevant examples
  4. Keep the pace up and change the energy through different activities; reflection tasks, peer-to-peer discussion, role-play, case-studies, dilemmas, competition, quizzes and more
  5. Plan for when new skills will be tested in the real world and how to prepare for those instances

Our platform of choice is Adobe Connect, as we feel it most effectively replicates the mechanics of physical Classroom Sessions, keeping learners more engaged. That said, we’re flexible – we also work with clients across a multitude of other platforms (including Webex, Zoom amongst others).

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